About Me Now

I've changed quite a bit since my last about me page so I figured I'd write another one. If you've read my post "Back in the Game", I've described some of what is going on now, but not everything.

Since I last posted quite a few things have happened in my life. Went through a seperation with my husband, lost my job, got a new job, got an amazing boyfriend who is the love of my life, and just recently I've got another new job, and 6 months ago, my boyfriend and I bought our own acreage.

Yep that's right I am basically achieving my dreams over here guys. It's excellent, and needless to say I have about 2 years worth of excellent homesteading knowledge to share with you since the last time I've posted.

A little about our land: it's five acres, surrounded by bush, fields and slews (or swamps if that's what you want to call them), so we have plently of room for quadding, dirt biking, and snowmobiling. Not to mention lots of free wood! I have tons of fruit trees and bushes and a rather large garden that is just currently weeds, and 3 flower beds.

The House: it's a 70's trailer, so it needs a lot of work, the people who were here before us didn't really do any upkeep so lots of stuff needs/ needed to be replaced. There was garbage everywhere, in the house, in the shop, on the lawn. Nasty stuff, but we took care of it, and now it looks amazing (well it's starting to anyways haha). We've replaced some windows, added a sliding door, reinsulated, re-drywalled, and re-shingled as much as we can on a low budget for this year. As it is starting to turn cold over here, we are turning to the most classic thing any homesteader can do: A Wood Stove!!!! We've just installed the main structure of the hearth last weekend and this weekend it's the bricks, and hopefully we can get 'er done! We've been cutting wood and getting other things ready for winter after work.

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