Alternative Modes of Transportation

Here in Canada the weather can get pretty crazy. I don't know about where you live but here we get some pretty crazy winter storms (and summer ones for that matter). I live 2 miles off the highway, and 1 mile of that is a road that only we travel, with the occasional snowmobile (there is a trail near us). So when we get those crazy winter storms where the plow doesn't come, sometimes you need an alternative mode of transportation.

I know some of you preppers are thinking well I have enough food and water to last quite a while here, why do I need a different type of transportation? Well someone could get sick, and need medical attention, you might want to help remove snow at friends, families or neighbours homes, you may just have to get to work, but below I have listed a few items that you should think about getting before winter.

  1. Plow truck: We do have a plow on the front of our farm truck come winter. They are relatively easy to install (via winch or hydraulic), and once you've plowed your lane and possibly a good portion of the road, you can drive your car or your regular everyday vehicle. However the main cost of the blade can be rather expensive, but you can find used ones occasionally. Beware though, you may have to plow a far amount of road, possibly the entire way you have to go. Make sure you have enough fuel.
  2. Snowmobile: These are our preferred way of traveling in the winter up here (watch out for fences though), and they are pretty easy to learn how to drive. Assuming you are mechanically inclined you can probably pick up a used one for around $500 here in Canada, but it may need repairs. Watch out for ones that don't start while you are there, and check to see if the engine compartment is hot before they start it. Some people like to boost them using ether etc. to get it going before you get there and then they usually start pretty easy when it's warm. You want something that will also start when its cold! If you aren't mechanically inclined, go for something newer. Electric start is good for people that have shoulder issues or smaller children, it can be hard to pull start them. We actually go these two beauts from the dump (be careful with that though, your local dump may not allow picking)

  3. Sled Dogs: These are probably something that is not going to be your best option. Husky's or other sled dogs can be very expensive, and they are expensive to train. That being said, a husky will run on that dog sled until it dies, they are very committed and loyal. Probably your best option in an extreme emergency, and you don't have to worry about fuel for them. If you live somewhere that gets pretty hot in the summer though, not your best bet, as they do have really thick fur.
  4. Quad: A 4x4 quad will get you through light snow, heck you can even get blades for these now, which I'm sure can be installed fairly easily like on your truck. If you only get small snow falls this will be your better option, as they are a good farm vehicle in general, and can be used at all times of the year. So depending on your climate, this may be your best option.
  5. Snowshoes: These are pretty cheap and easy to learn how to use, they are readily available at most outdoors stores and sports stores. Also a great way to stay in shape.
Personally we have a truck with a plow, snowmobiles, and a quad, and we are planning on buying snowshoes this year, so we are pretty much ready for any winter storms that come our way. Let me know in the comments below, what you use for alternative modes of transportation at your homestead?

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