11 Things to Get Done Before Winter

Winter is coming.. well in the next month or so, what are you doing to get ready for it? Well I'll let you know what our winter checklist looks like

  1. Make sure the house is buttoned up: You don't want any drafts or cold snow getting in your house. If you live in a trailer like we do, make sure you don't have any loose skirting. Make sure there are no loose shingles on your roof, and replace any leaks. If you've done any renovations to exterior walls make sure you test for cold air when it starts getting cold. You may need to get some insulation.
  2. Same goes for your out buildings: We have to put a new roof on our shop before it gets too cold!
  3. Cut firewood: If your using a wood stove as your alternative heat source, this will take up a fair chunk of your time. Tip: try to only cut down dead standing trees that can be used without having to split it, this will save you a good deal of time.
  4. Check your pantry and freezers: Make sure everything is still good, any food that is close to going bad make sure you use that right away. Be sure to stock everything up before any storms hit. This could save your life.
  5. Check your outdoor clothing: Make sure all your winter clothing still fits, particularly for children, they may need new items.
  6. Water Source: make sure you have some water stored up in your home. We have an electric pump on our well, and if the power goes off, we have nothing. We always have a jug and a case of water bottles. You may need more depending on the size of your family and whether or not you have animals
  7. Winterize your Animals: I don't have any animals currently so this is not something I am familiar with, but I do know that it is an important step. You may need to have winter blankets, insulate their sleeping quarter and have warm water readily available (as drinking cold water or snow lowers body heat). 
  8. Check your equipment: If you are planning on using a tractor through the winter for your livestock or for plowing snow, be sure to inspect hydraulic lines, check for leaks, change the oil (you don't want to be doing that when its -40C), check the tires etc. A general go-around is needed especially for older equipment.
  9. Snowmobiles: My favorite part of winter! Make sure that they are up and running and have fresh fluids in them. Check for leaks, and do any necessary repairs before it gets too cold. Do this for any small equipment you may be using for an alternative mode of transportation (see my other blog post about that)
  10. Pets: If you have any indoor pets don't forget about these guys, also have food on stock for them in case of emergencies.
  11. Cars/ Trucks: Make sure they are running smoothly, change tires to winter tires, oil changes, and make sure the antifreeze level is high and make sure it is good until about how cold it gets in your area. This is done with antifreeze or coolant tester, they are pretty cheap and you really don't want it to freeze in there and crack your block. Then you have no vehicle. We always make sure it's good until -40C, you can do this by buying the stuff that is concentrated and adding water, I believe the premixed 50/50 stuff is only good until -25C.
What else am I missing here? Let me know in the comments!

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