How to Heat a Room Using Just Tea Lights and Flowerpots

Found this great idea on another blog today and just had to share with you. I have included a link to the post at the bottom of this, as there are 4 other DIY ideas for heating your house relatively cheap.

What you will need:
(Please note this will work best for a small room only, add a few more for a larger room)
2 - Ceramic Flower Pots (one smaller and one larger)
4 - Tea light candles
1 - Container for the tea lights

Put the four of the tea lights into the container (the person on the video used a loaf pan), light the candles, and put the smaller flower pot on top of the loaf pan. Cover the hole in the pot with some aluminum foil (just enough to block the hole). The smaller pot will get hot! Then put the larger pot on top of the smaller pot. The heat will move through the "bottom" of the pot (assuming that it is slightly larger then the width of your bread pan), as well as the "top" of the pot, creating warmth in your small room. You may need to add additional candles throughout the day.

Please note that you should never leave this "heater" unattended!

Natural Living Ideas: How to Heat a Room with Tea Lights and Flowerpots

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