Small Things you Can do to Get Started

There are plenty of things that you can do to start going off-the-grid, these are rather small steps and are even great if you just want to save money or reduce your carbon foot print:

  • Change the your outdoor light to a solar light (if your renting be sure to ask your landlord first, they will likely agree, especially if they are paying for your electricity), this isn't a task everyone can do, you need some sort of knowledge of the electrical code etc. my husband happens to be a first year electrical apprentice.
  • Compost - Look at your city's website, sometimes they have free composting pick up, or if you have a garden, feel free to use your compost on that, it's good for the plants
  • Garden - This is a great way to start, and happens to be the most common thing on a list like this, it's fairly easy to garden, and doesn't take too much skill, chances are you have an older relative that also gardens, get tips from them, I find they know much better tips than the internet. If you rent, your landlord might let you have a garden, but if not opt for some vegetables in pots and baskets, you can also take these inside if it's getting cold at night in the fall. You can even grow vegetables in the winter (check out the link below)
  • Stop buying fast food - I know it's so good, and it's really hot out and I don't want to cook! Well guess what, if your planning on homesteading out in the middle of no where, there aren't many Subways or McDonald's. Your going to have to get used to it a some point so why not try and start right now (okay maybe just cut back a bit)
  •  Start canning! - Walmart has a beginners canner set for like $30, you can find plenty of recipes for canning online, but chances are your grandmother or another older relative knows how and can teach you, then you can practice for free as you probably don't need to buy anything, because they usually have everything they need (maybe just a few more jars?)
  • Slowly get rid of prepackaged foods - Now I have to give up my McDonald's and my Kraft Dinner? No, I'm sure you can probably get Kraft Dinner out in the bush, just stock up. It all really depends on how serious you are about homesteading. If you want to live in Alaska, it's unlikely that your always going to have prepackaged foods on hand. That being said, I would always have beans (like beans and wieners, or beans in maple sauce) on hand, as they are rather filling, and kind of good for you. They aren't going to go bad on you, and are good in an emergency.
  • Start sewing - I have a whole other post about this, so I'm just going to say something quick, if you don't want to sew your own clothes start with things like dish clothes, towels, bedding etc. these are usually less complicated 
  • Check out my pinterest board on homesteading, this has all sorts of cool things about homesteading and I update it often. I have information on how to build a house for $2000, how to grow vegetables in the winter, how to make green cleaners, natural remedies, and some disaster planning. 
I could go on about all the little things you could do but I don't have that much time. Again check out my pinterest board to get some ideas. I will probably edit this post later when I have more little things. 

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