Sewing, knitting and crocheting

Now, I'm not sure about you but I learned to sew when I was a kid. Sewing your own clothing is a great way to save money. The fabric stores usually have fairly trendy pattern, but the do cost money. If you go onto Pinterest there are tons of websites that have free patterns, most of them are fairly easy. Of course you can also search for patterns bases on your ability.

It's been awhile since I've made any clothing, but I am currently working on a quilt. If you go to your local Walmart, they should have a sewing section, there are all kinds of stuff in there. They have little packs of pre-cut fabric, which I am currently using to make my quilt, because they seemed easier to use then usual quilt patterns where you have to cut a bunch of things into tiny shapes and sew them into an complicated pattern. I will let you know how this works out, so far so good. I usually sew by hand because I can do this whilst watching TV, my sewing machine is noisy and sometimes I get too frustrated with it and give up. And I find hand sewing to be relaxing. Again there are many patterns of Pinterest that have free quilt patterns.

As far as knitting and crocheting, I haven't really gotten the hang of these yet, I know there are some good tutorials on the internet, but I haven't found any ones that really help. (So if anyone has a good tutorial, let me know in the comments and I will edit this). I do love getting knitted mittens for Christmas though, which I usually get from my Grandma or aunts. I really wish this was one talent I had.

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